Terminal Emulator Varaterm became open source software "Poderosa" in April, 2005.

Please obtain the latest version and a technical support of Granados from "Poderosa" web site. (Granados source code is included in the Poderosa source code tar ball.)

[Terminal Emulator Poderosa]



What is Granados?

Granados is an SSH client library for .NET. It has the following features.


  • Granados is an open source product written in C#.
  • Both SSH1 and SSH2 are supported.
  • Granados implements AES, Blowfish, and TripleDES algorithms for encryption; RSA and DSA for server authentication algorithms.
  • Key generation and user authentication using RSA or DSA are also supported.
  • TCP port forwarding is available.


On the other hand, the following features of SSH are not supported yet. They will be added when there is the demand.


  • Packet compression
  • Forwarding of X




Granados 2.0 Download (135KB)

Notice When you are compiling the source code, please note that the source code provided here is set to Assembly Delay Sign. If you are not familiar with the sign of assembly, remove following three lines in AssemblyInfo.cs.


[assembly: AssemblyDelaySign(true)]
[assembly: AssemblyKeyFile("../../")]
[assembly: AssemblyKeyName("")]


Granados is distributed under the Apache Software License. If you use Granados in your application, please indicate a predefined acknowledgement.


Granados uses the following products as a part of features or compatibility test. We thank the authors very much.

The Origin of the Name

Granados was developed with our terminal emulator software "VaraTerm" those code name was Guevara. Granados is the name of the partner of Ernest che Guevara when he traveled South America in his young age.


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