VaraTerm FAQ

Q. VaraTerm does not start with the error message "Application has generated an exception that could not be handled."

Possibly .NET Framework is not installed correctly. Some users reported that the problem is solved by installing VaraTerm again. 



Q. What keyboard shortcuts are available?

Though you can customize a large part of the key bindings, there are some implied commands you can not change. Here is the list:


Change the active connection

You can activate the first, the second, the third... connection by Alt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3... respectively. The number is displayed at the left side of the tab. By this feature, you can change the active connection without using the mouse.


Scroll the screen

If the scroll bar is enabled, you can scroll the screen by the cursor, Page Up/Down, Home and End keys while holding the control key.



Q. What is the text selection mode?

To copy the selected text into the clipboard, the following two methods are supported in addition to the mouse operation.


Free Selection Mode

Initially this action is allocated to Alt+Z. In the free selection mode, the caret blinks faster and you can move it by the cursor keys. After you select the target text by moving the caret while holding shift key, copy the text by Alt+C.
To exit the selection mode, input Alt+Z again or any normal character.

Auto Selection Mode

Initially this action is allocated to Alt+X. In the auto selection mode, the lines following the current line are selected automatically. This feature is convenient to select the output of a command.
Alternatively, you can send the new line character and enter the auto selection mode at once by Shift+Enter.



Q. Operations with Divided Panes

To change the position of display, use Alt+Shift+<cursor keys>. (You can customize the key binding.) Alternatively, drag the buttons of the tab and drop it into the target pane.



Q. What is the log type?

VaraTerm supports three log types - standard, binary, and debug. The standard type conforms to the screen image as much as possible. Therefore, invisible characters including escape sequences are not recorded. Note that the encoding of log file is set to the default of Windows regardless of the encoding of the connection.

Secondly, in the binary type, all data sent from the host is recorded exactly. For this reason, this file might not open with text editors.

Finally, in the debug type, the same data as the binary type is recorded in XML format. We may ask you to send a debug type log to reproduce problems of VaraTerm.



Q. What does "In case of unexpected chars" mean?

This is applicable to the following conditions.
  • Failed to decode a character by the current encoding.
  • Found an unsupported or invalid escape sequence.
  • Received an unsupported character set assignment.



Q. What does "Set Log File Name Automatically" mean?

VaraTerm can set the file name of a log automatically for each connection. This feature allows you to be released from the worry that you forget to set the log file or overwrite an existing file.

The format of the file name is <host>_<date>.log.

Note that you need to clear unused log files sometimes if you use this feature.



Q. How does VaraTerm save the option settings?

Initially, the configuration files are located in <account name>\options.conf under the directory you installed VaraTerm.

Alternatively, you can choose the Windows standard directory (for example, C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\VaraTerm). In both cases, you can take over the settings by copying options.conf because all configurations are recorded in the file.



Q. How to use "Terminal" font?

Unfortunately, it is impossible because .NET Framework allows only TrueType fonts for displaying characters. Please use similar TrueType fonts such as Courier or Sans Serif.



Q. How to use the META key in emacs?

VaraTerm has an optional feature that treats the Alt key as the META key. However, since emacs often recognizes ESC <x> as M-<x>, this configuration might not work. To avoid this problem, select allocate the action of Alt key to ESC <x> or change the configuration of emacs.



Q. Some applications do not work in Cygwin connection.

Some console applications on Windows depend on the Win32 command prompt feature. In case of the Cygwin connection of VaraTerm, the applications do not work because the connection does not use the command prompt. This problem can be avoided by using applications distributed with Cygwin that have the same feature. For example, use the Cygwin lftp instead of Windows standard ftp.



Q. What character encodings are available?

Currently, following four encodings are supported: iso-8859-1, EUC-JP, Shift-JIS, UTF-8. Additionally, iso-2022-jp(JIS) and DEC Line Drawing Characters are recognized regardless of encoding setting. DEC Line Drawing Characters are used in some applications to draw rules. Note that VaraTerm does not support the Unicode surrogate feature. However, this would not be a severe problem.



Q. How to use my new key generated by the key generation wizard?

VaraTerm can generate keys only for SSH2, not SSH1.

Note that OpenSSH can not recognize this key directly because it is SECSH format. However, OpenSSH can import SECSH format public keys by a command like $ ssh-keygen -i -f



Q. It is much of a bother to input passphrase whenever I open a connection.

There is a technique to automate the input of passphrase though it would not be acceptable from the aspect of security.
  • First, make a shortcut file for a connection.
  • Then open the file by text editor, you will find XML attributes in the file. Please add an attribute like this:
  • If you open the modified file by VaraTerm, the passphrase box will be filled automatically. Needless to say, you must treat this modified shortcut file carefully.



Q. How to improve the performance?

Since VaraTerm is a .NET application, the performance is slightly inferior to Windows native applications. If you feel uneasy about the performance, please try following tips:
  • The terminal size is critical to the performance. Of course smaller size shows better performance.
  • The start-up time will be shortened by hiding the tool bar.
  • Use ngen tool. Please see this MSDN page for detailed information.


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