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Terminal Emulator Varaterm became open source software "Poderosa" in April, 2005.

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Powerful Terminal Emulator Supporting Tab Style GUI & SSH2 for Windows

VaraTerm has the following features by comparison with existing terminal emulators such as TeraTerm or Putty.

Tab style user interface This is useful for operating multiple connections and switching them frequently. Moreover, you can allocate each connection to divided panes.
Various Connection Methods VaraTerm supports naturally Telnet, SSH1, and SSH2. Additionally connections to the serial port and the shell of Cygwin are also supported.
Escape Sequences Almost all escape sequences of VT100 and xterm are implemented. Special characters such as rules and UTF-8 encoding are also available.
Massive Options and Tools Many helpful features are supported to enhance terminal operations such as SSH2 port-forwarding tool, SSH key generation wizard, SOCKS, IPv6, and auto decision of log file name.
Macro You can write macros using .NET-aware languages such as JScript.NET to automate operations via terminals. The macros can access all functionalities of .NET Framework including exception handling, database access, regular expressions, and so on.
Published SSH implementation The SSH implementation "Granados" is published as an open source project.


VaraTerm requires .NET Framework 1.1. If .NET is not installed on your computer, please set up .NET Framework first.
It works on Windows98, Me, 2000, XP, and NT4.0.

Terminal Emulator VaraTerm
VaraTerm Version 2.1.2
(Released on Nov 29 2004)
Download (1,378 KB)

* .NET Framework is available at Windows Update or the web site of Microsoft. Please download the redistributable package.



Support and Community

FAQ If you have any question about VaraTerm, please see FAQ first. Features that you may not find in normal use are also explained.

FAQ page



Since Varaterm became open source software, commercial sales ended.
But, there are no limitations of features even if the varaterm license key is not registered.



Other Information




VaraTerm uses GUI components by Carlos H. Perez as a part it’s features. We thank the author very much.


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