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ZeRo.agri II, New Product of Soil Hydroponic System, Is Launched -ZeRo.agri app has also been updated and become more convenient

Routrek Networks, Inc. (head office: Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa; president: Shin’ichi Sasaki; hereinafter “Routrek”) has announced today the release of ZeRo.agri II, the second product of ZeRo.agri which is a next-generation soil hydroponic system developed by the company. An update of ZeRo.agri App, which is capable to keep updated on and give commands in accordance with soil’s environmental conditions and the status of monitoring of irrigation and fertigation activities, has also been announced simultaneously with the release of ZeRo.agri II. The update is characterized by the addition of the function to set nitrogen concentration and a screen for entering harvest information. After the update, ZeRo.agri is user-friendlier and is more useful in meticulously controlling fertilization and in adapting soil environment control to the growth of crops.

Users of ZeRo.agri have given us a lot of positive feedback praising the product’s benefits in enlarging the size of farm, ensuring consistency in quality, supporting new farmers and more. At the command of ZeRo.agri, a mixture of water and liquid fertilizer can be regularly and automatically given in accordance with the growth of the crop and keep the amount of moisture in soil at a same level, relieving the root from stress. The automatic irrigation and fertigation performed by ZeRo.agri makes an expansion of facility-based cultivation, which has been discouraged by the complicated practice of fertilization control, a reality. Also, consistently controlling the soil environment stabilizes the quality of crops. The use of ZeRo.agri also helps keep a certain soil environment in terms of the amount of fertigation and its timing, something that is hard for new farmers to tell.

In addition to these advantages, the new feature of the latest ZeRo.agri app allows nitrogen concentration to be set in 10 ppm units. Just tracing a finger on the screen can increase or decrease the concentration of nitrogen included in the preset soil moisture content. Setting the desired soil moisture content and the nitrogen concentration allows for more meticulous control of soil environment.

As a new feature of ZeRo.agri cloud, a screen for entering harvest information has been added (β version). All information from sensors and about supplies, such as the amount of solar radiation, EC level, soil temperature, soil moisture content, amount of irrigation and fertigation and nitrogen concentration, is saved in the cloud. In addition, ZeRo.agri can check harvest information and allows for analyses from many different perspectives. Overall, it is useful in sharing information and growing crops in the next season.

A real machine of ZeRo.agri II can be seen at the Booth N-26 of the Greenhouse Horticulture & Plant Factory Exhibition/Conference (GPEC) scheduled in Tokyo Big Sight from Wednesday, July 27 to Friday, July 29, 2016.

ZeRo.agri II

ZeRo.agri II

New feature of ZeRo.agri app: screen for setting

New feature of ZeRo.agri app: screen for setting

New feature of ZeRo.agri cloud (β version): daily harvest information

New feature of ZeRo.agri cloud (β version): daily harvest information

 New feature of ZeRo.agri cloud (β version):  the graph of total yield

New feature of ZeRo.agri cloud (β version): the graph of total yield

Soil hydroponic cultivation: A method of hydroponic cultivation which involves the use of soil in the media. This form of cultivation is divided into two types, using a ground tube to send the culture solution (mixture of water and fertilizer) by drip infusion and burying a pipe underground to supply the solution. Soil hydroponic cultivation helps stabilize product quality and increase yields because it controls salt accumulation and efficiently absorbs water and fertilizer.

[About ZeRo.agri, a next-generation soil hydroponic system]
Sunlight sensor and soil sensor control fertilization by digitalizing the underground condition of crops which cannot be seen usually. An automatic irrigation device, equipped only with a timer function and proportional to solar radiation, is hard to find the optimal amount of irrigation and fertigation in terms of weather conditions and the growth of crops. Based on information from sensors, ZeRo.agri makes judgments and automatically supplies the culture solution. This helps significantly reduce farmers’ work hours, increase their crops and reduce the use of water and fertilizer.

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