Corporate Overview

Company Name Routrek Networks, Inc.
Address 1-1-1, 6th Floor,
Manpukuji, Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi,
Kanagawa 215-0004, Japan
TEL +81-44-819-4711
President Shinichi Sasaki
URL Corporate site 
Product site
Description of
1. "ZeRo.agri" business
Agri BigData SaaS solution using IoT technologies;
product name is "ZeRo.agri", which automates fertigation (irrigation & fertigation) of Greenhouses
2. M2M business
Engineering and services of various Wireless M2M solutions
3. "RouteMagic" business
Develop, manufacture & sell a network management router system called "RouteMagic"
Foundation Aug. 2005

353 million yen

Corporate History

July 2016 Fertigation system “ZeRo.agri II” was released
March 2016 “ZeRo.agri” won “the 1st JEITA Venture Award” Grand Prix
March 2016 “Pioneer’s Asia “The 12 Asian Finalists” among 1,000 applicants world-wide
February 2016 “ZeRo.agri” won “The 1st IoTAcceleration Lab Selection Award” the 2nd place Grand Prix
Sponsorship by Ministory of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan
December 2014 “ZeRo.agri” certified by the Kawasaki Monodukuri (manufactured) brand
August 2013 Fertigation system “ZeRo.agri II” was released
May 2012 The New console server, “RouteMagic RM-CM1250” was released
April 2012 Start the university-industry research collaboration project in the field of agriculture with Meiji-University
November 2011 Wireless M2M platform ”Zero” was released
January 2009 Concluded the alliance agreement with ZeroG Wireless, Inc.
April 2007 “RouteMagic Console Manager” was released
April 2006 Concluded the alliance agreement with Raritan Inc.
August 2005 Routrek Networks, inc. was established