About Routrek Networks

Executive Summary

About Routrek Networks

Routrek Networks,Inc. was formed in 2000 providing serial console management tool for the IP network industry.Our tool consists of a Linux based embedded intelligence controller functioning as network monitoring client,and a web-enabled server software acting as central database system. Our products, RouteMagic,provide to reduce management cost and minimize unplanned network downtime.RoueMagic also provide new business model for remote maintenance company to build new revenue source. We are committed to and actively involved in the Linux and Open Source communities.


The Market

A significant growing market opportunity exists for the network management industry with IP management.There are three key target market segments in the IT management field that addresses Branch Office/Chain store, Data Center, and MSP segments.IT managers in these three segments are facing serious challenges of minimizing downtime,keeping secure management, and decreasing maintenance costs under the constraint of the lack of skilled network administrators.

Routrek focuses on the two market segments of branch office/chain store and MSP's. Data Center segment is not our primary target market since skilled IT managers are presumed to be within walking distance.


Goal of the Products

Our primary target customer segments are 1) Branch office/Chain store and 2) MSP segment.Major requirement from this segment include real time monitoring, minimizing trouble shooting time,and maintaining service levels under limited resources.Conventional network management is done by combination of SNMP based monitoring and WALK-IN troubleshooting (On site maintenance).However maintaining this business model is becoming difficult because of the pressures to reduce costs and the lack of skilled network administrators.


The value of our products are to help corporate IT managers tell their clients that they can pro-actively monitor critical area,and be able to give them the ability to see how their systems are doing, and then be able to analyze the history of problem before becoming real issues.


These monitoring functions should have troubleshooting and reporting functions seamlessly.RouteMagic's goal is to provide turnkey solutions to the above issues for IT management industry.


System Overview

RouteMagic Overview


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