About us

The majority of Asian agriculture is supported by small and midsize family farms. Increasing the productivity of these farmers is an issue of considerable importance for the development of the regional economy.

ZeRo.agri is a greenhouse farming system that allows everyone to use world-standard drip irrigation with leading-edge ICT.
As a system that is available for any farmer, the key player in agriculture, it enables the yield to increase while assuring quality and reducing the amount of labor needed, and going further as an ecosystem that solves drought and environmental problems caused by heavy fertilizing, we aim to spread ZeRo.agri.

We will continue contributing to the future of Asia with technologies from Japan.

“Let’s take a holiday while working in agriculture! Grow with IoT!”

Shin-ichi Sasaki,
President & CEO

The birth of ZeRo.agri for the future of Asia

History of the network

Since Ubiquitous Computing was proposed in 1988, the Internet and equipment environment have developed remarkably to construct the ubiquitous network system. In the 2000s, the system evolved into M2M (Machine-to-Machine), with direct communication between instruments without human intervention, in contrast to conventional communication between equipment and equipment through human intervention.

History of the network

RouteMagic as M2M

Since its establishment in 2005, Routrek Networks, Inc. has been developing and providing advanced instruments with Internet functionality added to M2M. Our instruments have been adopted in the fields of network infrastructure in which malfunctions are never allowed and services in large quantities, where autonomous monitoring, analyses and control of network instruments are performed. The technology RouteMagic achieved is now known as IoT (Internet of Things).

For farmers...

In 2010, we first experienced agriculture through a project for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. By adding leading-edge wireless technology to the technology cultivated at RouteMagic, we achieved “Making Agriculture Visual,” and successfully converted it into data about the ground conditions: relative ground moisture (%), Electrical Conductivity (EC) value and ground temperature. It was the first step in evolving the conventional agriculture supported by experience and intuition into rational agriculture.

The birth of ZeRo.agri

For farmers that had not managed their agricultural data, it was difficult to determine how to use the data acquired through the “Making Agriculture Visual” system. Therefore, we have equipped “Making Agriculture Visual” with functions that autonomously conduct analysis, prediction and execution as AI (artificial intelligence), and succeeded with “autonomous control based on rational agriculture.” This integrated our cultivated ICT, including M2M and IoT, and the agricultural knowledge of Meiji University. Thus, ZeRo.agri was born, keeping ground conditions optimal for crop growth with its autonomous drip irrigation system equipped with AI.

For the future of Asia!

Encounters with farmers have become an important sign of the future for us. There are many issues related to agriculture, including aging farmers and a lack of workers in Japan, food crisis with population increases, depletion of water and environmental pollution worldwide.

ZeRo.agri enables farmers that are new to greenhouse operations to succeed in agriculture, and existing farmers to create scale for their greenhouse (growing) area. We aspire to achieve a future for Japan where municipalities are revitalized around agriculture, and children are raised in the community.

We will contribute to the future of Asia by avoiding food crises through productivity improvements in agriculture, offering a solution to the water exhaustion problem by supplying the necessary amount of water when needed, and saving children from contaminated well water by preventing excessive fertilization.

ZeRo.agri will continue developing innovations for years to come.
“ Grow with IoT! ”

To the future of Japan, the world!